What is SALTWorks?
Story. Art. Laughter. Truth.
That’s what SALT stands for. These are the values at the heart of our work at SALTworks. We’re a Christ-centered community of faithful artists creating uniquely entertaining, quality media that inspires, enlightens, and reflects God’s love to the world. All of our members are working creative professionals in the entertainment biz in Los Angeles. We’ve come together as a filmmaking co-op to make cool art that you can enjoy and share. Many of us worked and created together as part of BADD (Bel Air Drama Department), the former media/drama group at Bel Air Presbyterian Church. In 2017, we opened our doors and relaunched ourselves as SALTworks. Check out our original content for use in your church, parachurch group, fellowship, or Bible study. Or just enjoy it on your own and share it on social media with friends who need a dash of inspiration, enlightenment, love... and laughter.